Twilight Zone

As a baby boomer, I was the one of the television generation.  We grew up sitting in front of that glowing box, voraciously devouring all of it.

One of my favorite programs was The Twilight Zone.  I was a little too young to remember it when it was on live; I was even three years old when the first episode debuted and I was seven and a half when the series exited the airways.

If you’re fascinated with the Twilight Zone TV series like I am, you’re in the right place!

I’ve loved this show my whole life. Rod Serling’s classic television program offers so much to think about–stories, themes, ideas. People have analyzed the show since its inception in 1959 and it remains an ageless commentary on humanity and what makes us tick.

At its core, Twilight Zone was a reflection of America.

We had won the war, we liked Ike for eight years and the economy was booming, yet the Cold War was raging, Vietnam was looming and we were afraid of losing the space race.

Twenty years later, Ronald Reagan would say it was morning in America, but at that point, it was the twilight zone in America. We were luxuriating in Camelot, then the bubble burst. Our youthful, handsome President was assassinated and our country has never stopped grieving. It was a knife to the heart. Not until the World Trade Center attack in 2001 have we suffered anything so emotionally devastating as a nation.

It’s not like I’m a big JFK fan. He was OK, a World War II hero and all that, but he and Bobby playing President almost started World War III. And if all those dead people in Chicago hadn’t voted for him, Nixon would have won.

With the end of Camelot came the end of Twilight Zone. It was a stark and desolate place in comparison. TV entered its vast wasteland we have come to know and hate. Perhaps that’s why so many of us continue to ponder a single television series that stopped production over 50 years ago.

Twilight Zone is timely yet timeless, gritty yet mystical. It never ceases to amaze me.

So sit back and get ready to travel into the black and white glowing images on your television screen, through another dimension to … The Twilight Zone.

My favorite episode by far is “Back There.”

Here are some other favorite episodes:

Spur of the Moment
Escape Clause
In His Image
Little Girl Lost
The Silence
Where Is Everybody

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