Twilight Zone Halloween Party

Who doesn’t get excited for a Halloween party? Halloween probably has the most parties of the year, except for perhaps New Year’s Eve. If you’re hosting the party this year, why not kick it up a notch beyond the ho hum “wear any old costume” party. If you’re a Twilight Zone fan, what could be better than a Twilight Zone Halloween party! Here are some ideas to get your Twilight Zone Halloween party started!

Start out by sending these cool Twilight Zone Halloween party invitations. Everyone loves receiving a party invitation in the mail and these are perfect!


Decorations set the tone for any Halloween party and you’ll want your guests to feel like they’ve entered the Twilight Zone for sure! Set the mood with a doorway to another dimension with this wall decal:



Keep the Zone atmosphere going once everyone is inside. Take some black paper and cover a wall, then paint the Twilight Zone spiral on it in white. Add some black lights and watch it glow in the dark!

Check out some of these decorative ideas for your Twilight Zone Halloween party:

Jumbo Twilight Zone Swirl SignsThe Twilight Zone Embossed Tin SignThe Twilight Zone Tin Sign by Poster RevolutionTwilight Zone Novelty Metal Street Sign 3x18


Your Halloween party will naturally include watching your favorite episodes. You could ask your guests to list their top scariest episodes for viewing.

In between watching those scary Twilight Zone episodes, how about playing some Twilight Zone games, including a card game where you match actors with the episode they appeared in, and Twilight Zone trivia. A little prep goes into this, but you’ll have a great time with these games!

Match Game – Actors and Episodes

Write down the names of famous actors who starred in a Twilight Zone episode on note cards. On another set of cards, write down the names of the episodes they starred in. Use different color note cards for the actors and their episodes to keep things organized.

Spread the cards out on a table in two separate groups, stars and episodes, with the star cards face down. Take turns drawing a star card and matching it with the episode card. Have as many actor cards as episodes they starred in, so Burgess Meredith would have four cards, William Shatner would have two, etc.

Here’s a list to get you started:

Burgess Meredith – Time Enough At Last, The Obsolete Man, Mr. Dingle The Strong, Printer’s Devil
William Shatner – Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, In the Nick of Time
Leonard Nimoy – A Quality of Mercy
Robert Redford – Nothing in the Dark
George Takei – The Encounter
Robert Duvall – Miniature
Julie Newmar – Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
Burt Reynolds – The Bard
Charles Bronson – Two
Elizabeth Montgomery – Two
Dennis Hopper – He’s Alive
Ron Howard – Walking Distance
Veronica Cartwright – I Sing the Body Electric
Carol Burnett – Cavender Is Coming
Jonathan Winters – A Game of Pool
Martin Landau – The Jeopardy Room
Sydney Pollack – The Trouble With Templeton
James Doohan – Valley of the Shadow
Jack Klugman – In Praise of Pip, A Game of Pool, Death Ship, A Passage for Trumpet
Donald Pleasance – The Changing of the Guard
Dick York – A Penny For Your Thoughts
Dennis Weaver – Shadow Play
Lee Van Cleef – The Grave
Lee Marvin – The Grave
Peter Falk – The Mirror
Telly Savalas – Living Doll
Cloris Leachman – It’s a Good Life
Roddy McDowall – People Are Alike All Over
Don Rickles – Mr. Dingle, The Strong
Rod Taylor – And When the Sky Was Opened
Vera Miles – Mirror Image
Martin Milner – Mirror Image
Mickey Rooney – The Last Night of a Jockey
Cliff Robertson – A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
Agnes Moorehead – The Invaders
Shelley Fabares – Black Leather Jackets
Ann Jillian – Mute
Mariette Hartley – The Long Morrow
Robert Lansing – The Long Morrow
Earl Holliman – Where Is Everybody
Billy Mumy – The Telephone, It’s A Good Life
Russell Johnson – Back There
Ivan Dixon – I Am the Night–Color Me Black, Big Tall Wish
Inger Stevens – The Hitch-Hiker, The Lateness of the Hour
Buddy Ebsen – The Prime Mover

Twilight Zone Trivia

You can find many Twilight Zone trivia games here.


Here are some Halloween costumes ideas for your Twilight Zone party:

    • Rod Serling – Dark suit and tie
    • Airman from premier episode, “Where It Everybody” – Jumpsuit
    • Paste an eye on your forehead or make an arm and attach it to your back so it comes out by your side – “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up”
    • Astronaut suit – Any space episode
    • Clown, hobo, ballet dancer, bagpiper, or Army Major – “Five Characters in Search of an Exit”
    • Monster from “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” – Fluffy hat and jacket
    • Patient from “Eye of the Beholder” – Wrap fabric strips around your head
    • Black leather jackets – “Black Leather Jackets”
    • Santa Claus suit – Art Carney in “The Night of the Meek”
    • Wear extremely thick glasses – Henry Bemis in “Time Enough At Last”
    • Policeman’s uniform – “Nothing in the Dark”

Can’t decide on a costume? How about one of these awesome T-shirts! There are lots of sizes and color choices. Click through one to see all the options.


Refreshments Table

The usual party fare works well at your Twilight Zone Halloween party, but here’s an idea from the new Twilight Zone series, “The Misfortune Cookie.” In this story about a snobbish food critic, Harry Folger, fortune cookies predict his fate and eventually his doom. Set out a plate of (mis)fortune cookies with sayings from the episodes that everyone will remember, such as

  • submitted for your approval
  • room for one more honey
  • time enough at last
  • my name is Talking Tina

Decorate your Halloween refreshments table with icons from the episodes. Any of these would be great:

Bif Bang Pow! The Twilight Zone Talking Bobble Head Talky TinaBif Bang Pow! Twilight Zone Eye of the Beholder DioramaBif Bang Pow! Twilight Zone Series 6 Action Figure NurseThe Twilight Zone Venusian 3 3/4-Inch Figure Series 2The Twilight Zone Henry Bemis 3 3/4-inch Action FigureThe Twilight Zone Gremlin Bobble Head



You can also decorate your whole party area with these Twilight Zone icons, placing them on tables and shelves, even in the bathroom!

Talking Tina would love to watch over your refreshments table. Just don’t make her mad! You could have her sitting right by the door, too, “welcoming” your guests inside.

The Twilight Zone Talky Tina Doll Replica in ColorBif Bang Pow! The Twilight Zone Talking Bobble Head Talky TinaThe Twilight Zone Talky Tina 18


A Twilight Zone Halloween Party is sure to be a big hit!

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