Purple birthday gifts

My oldest daughter has a birthday coming up.  I like to make cowls for her, and since she loves purple, I started looking for a pattern to use.

The Yarn

I had bought some yarn that was advertised in a Facebook post as “soft as a kitten” in a beautiful color called Larkspur Heather.  Check it out here.  It definitely lives up to the description “Softer than a kitten, fluffier than a cloud.”  I haven’t ordered much yarn online because I like to feel it first.  No scratchy yarns for me!  I loved the soft, muted colors, too.

The Pattern

After trying a couple of different patterns, I ended up using a simple lace pattern with just a few rows in the repeat, shown on page 187 in Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns, volume 1, The Stockinette Stitch Faggot Beading.

purple shawl

It was simple to make with only four pattern rows.  Every other row was simply knit.  The one that wasn’t knit was a simple yarn over and knit 2 together combination.  Really I had to let the yarn “be the star,” so this was a perfect pattern.

Lucy can wear it long or wrapped around twice, and even with a pin to fasten it in place.

purple shawl

When selecting a pattern for a piece you’re going to knit in the round, it’s important to remember to reverse the wrong side from the pattern.  That is, if the pattern calls for purling on the right side, you’ll need to knit on the wrong side rows while working in the round.

More purple!

Somehow, just one purple birthday gift didn’t seem like enough, so I decided to knit some slippers for Lucy, too.  This pattern is one that I had made a lot in the past, but I hadn’t knitted any of them for so long that I decided to find a pattern and follow it.  I found this one for cozy slippers.

Dark purple yarn

I bought this yarn from Hobby Lobby.  It’s their “I Love This Yarn” worsted weight.

purple slipper yarn

Here is my start, using a circular needle, of course!

purple slippers

I was breaking one of my cardinal “Rules of Knitting” by using this dark purple color, but I knew Lucy would like it.  Dark yarn is hard to knit with because you can’t see your work as well unless sitting outside in the bright sunlight.  Not happening during this rainy April.  The things we moms do for our children!

When I’ve made these slippers in the past, I changed to double pointed needles once I got to the ribbing over the top of the foot.  This way I avoid the seam and I really hate seams!

purple slippers

Both slippers ready for the gift bag!

purple slippers

Oops, almost forgot that finishing touch!  I’m not a pom pom maker, but this is a simple and easy bow.

purple slippers

She looks great!

Lucy with purple cowl