Hats from scraps

Rarely, if ever, does a knitting project use the exact amount of yarn you have purchased for it.  Most people, myself included, buy a little extra than what they anticipate needing so as not to run out before the piece is finished. Using up leftover yarn becomes a big question.  No one wants to waste yarn!

But running out of yarn for your project is a total disaster!  Then you have to try to buy more, and if you can get more of the same color, it might not be in the same dye lot and will be a slightly different shade.

So most of us buy extra yarn.  Then the project is complete and you have leftover yarn.  After awhile, you end up with a lot of leftovers!  What to do with them?

yarn scraps

I was in this state not long ago and I was getting quite annoyed by all of the extra yarn lying around taking up space.  The yarn bits weren’t really enough to make anything and I was getting tired of the mess they were creating.  Ever see the “Tribble” episode of Star Trek?  That’s what I felt like.

I was about to bag up all of the leftovers and throw them away when I got the genius idea to make hats. Suddenly I was a hat machine.  I loved making hats!  And it’s a small project I can pick up and take along with me anywhere, and even work in the car.

My granddaughter, Annelise, models one of them here:

knitted hat

I made all different kinds of hats, first with just a couple of colors, then with several colors, and in lots of styles.

Here’s the afghan I made and the hat I knitted with the leftover yarn:

afghan and hat

I learned new techniques, including Helix knitting.  That was really fun.

I made lots of hats with fair isle type inserts, some with knit-purl patterns, some with cables.

hat hat hat hat

When I finished, I set the hats on top of one of my couches.  When my granddaughters came over, they each took a hat.  So did their mom and my younger daughter.

Soon the hats were falling off the couch because there were so many of them.  Now I had another “Tribble” problem:  What to do with all these hats?

I saw an organization online that accepts hats, but I didn’t want to box them up and send them somewhere.  The Post Office would probably lose them anyway.  They lost my son’s Christmas gift.

So I looked around for someplace that wanted hats. I considered calling the local hospitals or shelters.  Then I discovered an organization run by a lady in my own church, Savannah’s Hope.  Be sure to read about them at their web site.

So I gave all my hats to Savannah’s Hope.  Now my couch just has one hat sitting on it.  Time to create more leftovers!

Using up leftover yarn can be fun.  Just choose the right project.